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How We Worked

  • Pneumatically controlled Moisture free storage: With 200mt of flyash silo and pneumatically operated blower system the flyash remains free from ambient moisture. We tap flyash directly from ESP of thermal power plant into our 38cum bulker fitted with pneumatic blower. This air tight vessel is free from moisture. This is then unloaded in silos having dust collector and pressure release valve. Thus flyash remains always free from moisture till water is mixed in the planetary mixer.
  • Dry mix technology with moisture meter: All the raw materials are weigh batched and mixed into the Sicoma planetary mixer. This is proven technology for mixing of dry powder material. Thus water cement ratio is maintained increasing strength.
  • Vibro press technology: Our concrete block making plant works on both hydraulically operated press and two numbers vibrator motors of 7.5Kw each thus producing vibro force of 45KN.
  • Internal curing: With the use of light weight aggregate the water is entrapped in the pores. This entrapped water begins to evaporate once the outer surface becomes dry. This evaporation of entrapped water in the pores of light weight aggregate helps in internal curing of the product thus increasing the durability and strength.
  • Humidity and Temperature controller: Our product is passed through steam curing cycle for rapid strength gain. The whole curing process is controlled automatically. The maximum temperature being 70deg centrigrade and the humidity controller maintains humidity to RH 90%+.
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