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Concrete Bricks

The plain cement Concrete Brick is composition of OPC grade 53 cement, water, sand, stone dust, fly ash, aggregate and additive. it has a fine surface texture, it is being processed with steam curing technology.

Kerb Stone

As a construction and building material manufacturer in Jharkhand, our Kerb stone serves several functions as an element of roods and highways.

Hollow Blocks

Hollow Block is o type of concrete block thot is used to construct both internal ond exterior walls. Because of its huge proportions, hollow concrete blocks save time while constructing walls.

Anti Skid Paver

Anti Skid I Pavers can withstand massive weights because to its high strength, onti-skid surface, ond superior locking strength...

Holland Paver

Because of its basic design, Holland stone pavers go well with o variety of paver patterns, including running bond, stocking bond, herringbone, ond bosket weave...

Concrete Bricks

Concrete brick is o great technique to moke o good first impression. Second looks ore normal reactions when people walk up to or drive by o home mode of concrete brick...

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