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Committed for superior quality concrete with best manufacturing facility in Jharkhand.

Quality control professionals who are qualified and experienced makes us the best manufacturing facility in Jharkhand and oversee all stages of manufacturing and maintain rigorous surveillance over the quality of raw materials and finished goods. These finished goods are subjected to strict quality controls in line with international standards. It is our aim to strive for 100% client satisfaction by offering high-quality items at the most competitive prices.

We are proud of our in-house research and development department, where our specialists are dedicated to engineering and manufacturing process improvements in order to put our goods among the finest in the market. Our strict internal quality standards with best manufacturing facility in Jharkhand ensure that we maintain the highest levels of excellence in industrial practise. Our goods also satisfy the requirements of all government bodies and regulations.

The manufacturing plant is completely equipped with cutting-edge technology with the best manufacturing facility in Jharkhand. The product is manufactured to meet applicable IS standards by using a batching plant to ensure the precision of the mix prepared for the vibro press for correct compaction and smooth finish. The product is steam cured to ensure uniform and appropriate curing with our best manufacturing facility in Jharkhand. Cuber is set up in such a way that the items are depalletized, stacked, and packaged without the need for human intervention. As a result, the product’s quality and finish are preserved. As the best manufacturing facility in Jharkhand the bundles are then placed onto vehicles and delivered to various locations.

Cement bricks, as contemporary building materials, are in high demand due to the increased construction activity across the country. Because of the advantages afforded by cement concrete bricks, traditional stones and bricks are being substituted or replaced in the building industry. They provide faster building speed, longer durability, consistent quality, and demand less labour force participation than traditional stones and bricks. In today’s world, they are employed for a variety of constructions such as commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and residential buildings.

There is always a high demand for cement concrete bricks in all the cities and other urban centres as well. When compared to conventional stones and bricks, these cement concrete bricks are in uniform shape & size, which can be placed easily.

Concrete blocks provide the following advantages:

  • The carpet area of the structure will be enlarged due to the narrow width of the concrete block compared to the brick masonry wall.
  • It improves thermal insulation, fire resistance, and sound absorption.
  • The result will be the conservation of valuable agricultural land, which will be utilised to make bricks.
  • Concrete block masonry is simpler, quicker, and stronger to build than masonry brick.
  • The precise form and size of a concrete block makes the task of a mason considerably easier.
  • The blocks may be produced by automatically staggered vertical joints, decreasing the need for experienced monitoring.

Why Vidhicon?

Vidhicon’s knowledge and expertise mark us as the  Best Manufacturing Facility in Jharkhand, and our cutting-edge products have always aided our customers in realising their dream homes. Because we understand you and your needs, Vidhicon is a platform that will assist you at every stage of your journey. Vidhicon has a product that will satisfy any need.

You can always count on ASSURED QUALITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY, and EXPERT ASSISTANCE Best Manufacturing Facility in Jharkhand.

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