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Kerb Stone

Make it attractive with Vidhicon-A Kerb Stone manufacturer in Jharkhand

As a Kerb Stone manufacturer in Jharkhand, Vidhicon produces-concrete solid that is joined end to end with other solids to form a Kerb. It makes drivers aware of the pavements and vegetation areas used to demarcate highways, streets, and parking lots, among other things. It provides a clear view of the roadway.

Kerbstones ride era resilience to all weather conditions, mechanical stresses, and chemicals used in road cleaning thanks to tractable technology and the flying aspect components and materials. Kerbstones assist to make a road twice as wide as it would be without them. Kerbstone contributes to the structural stability of roadways. Kerbstone is also renowned for forming a barrier between automobiles and people.

Kurve Stone from Vidhicon(Kerb Stone manufacturer in Jharkhand) have:

Extremely Strong

Long life and value retention of the project. Allows vehicles to climb over.

Abrasion resistance is excellent

Lower need for repair and replacement

Water absorption is low

Kerb blackening and upkeep are greatly decreased.


Kerb Stone are a great way to save energy and the environment. Kerb  stones from Vidhicon(Kerb Stone manufacturer in Jharkhand), opposes  traditional brick production, which emits harmful fumes, and are machine-made, which reduces their impact on the environment. Because of their insulating properties, these are also environmentally friendly building materials that help create a greener world for future generations.


Why Vidhicon?

Vidhicon’s knowledge and expertise mark us as the best Kerb Stone manufacturer in Jharkhand, and our cutting-edge products have always aided our customers in realising their dream homes. Because we understand you and your needs, Vidhicon is a platform that will assist you at every stage of your journey. Vidhicon has a product that will satisfy any need.

You can always count on ASSURED QUALITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY, and EXPERT ASSISTANCE No. 1 Kerb Stone manufacturer in Jharkhand.

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