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Committed to Superior Quality and Results , when it comes to your house don’t Mess with the rest , Trust the best. Let’s construct your Dream Together.

Low Cost construction and building material manufacturer in Jharkhand

Vidhicon Industries aspires to be a market leader as a construction building material manufacturer in Jharkhand. Our company’s aim is to follow worldwide quality standards and produce high-quality concrete products.


We are dedicated to providing high-quality products for your every need, whether it is for residential purposes such as a township, villa, residential complex, garden pathways, and landscaping areas; commercial purposes such as office buildings, malls, petrol pumps, public parks, and parking lots; or industrial purposes such as container terminals, high-load carrying port movement areas, storage yards, warehouses, high-traffic roads, and airport hangars.

The best construction and building material manufacturer in Jharkhand, producing concrete with our various product range:

1. Concrete Bricks

Concrete brick is a great technique to make a good first impression. Second looks are normal reactions when people walk up to or drive by a home made of concrete brick.

Concrete brick offers many advantages than only its eye-catching appearance. They deaden external noise, acting as a buffer against road noise, aeroplanes flying overhead, and other distractions. Another advantage is fire protection, as well as less maintenance. The best construction and building material manufacturer in Jharkhand offers concrete brick that can increase the thermal mass of external walls, lowering energy expenses.

2. Solid Blocks

A concrete block is primarily utilised in the construction of walls as a building material. A concrete block is one of various types of precast concrete blocks that are used in building. The word precast alludes to the fact that the blocks are constructed and hardened prior to being delivered to the construction site. The majority of concrete blocks include one or more hollow chambers, and their sides might be smooth or patterned.

3. Hollow Blocks

Hollow Block is a type of concrete block that is used to construct both internal and exterior walls. Because of its huge proportions, hollow concrete blocks save time while constructing walls. The Hollow Block plays an essential role in the building sector due to it’s reduced weight and load-carrying capacity.

Depending on your area and project, hollow blocks are created using moulds and an appropriate additive.

4. Kerb Stone

As a construction and building material manufacturer in Jharkhand, our Kerb stone serves several functions as an element of roads and highways:

Defining the carriageway’s boundaries. Keeping the roadway contained to prevent spreading and loss of structural integrity. Putting up a barrier between cars and people. Providing a physical check to keep cars from leaving the roadway. Creating a canal to allow surface water to drain away.

5. Anti Skid I Pavers

Anti Skid I Pavers can withstand massive weights because to its high strength, anti-skid surface, and superior locking strength. It is the most common type of concrete paver being used for commercial and industrial pavements.

6. Anti Skid Zig Zag Paver

As a quality-conscious business, we are engaged in offering a high-quality variety of Interlocking Paver Block. We never compromise with the product quality as a construction and building material manufacturer in Jharkhand, therefore, adopts advanced technology to make any product suitable for all kinds of outdoor areas.

7. Holland Paver

Because of its basic design, Holland stone pavers go well with a variety of paver patterns, including running bond, stacking bond, herringbone, and basket weave.

8. Chequered Tiles

When choosing tiles for an outdoor area we are the best construction and building manufacturer in Jharkhand. You can use our product in areas such as a terrace, balcony, or porch, and you should seek for tiles that are extremely sturdy and durable, since these locations must survive fluctuating weather conditions as well as significant foot traffic in certain circumstances. Chequered tiles by Vidhicon are the perfect tile for your outdoor settings.


Why Vidhicon?

Vidhicon’s knowledge and expertise mark us as the  Best Building Material Manufacturer in Jharkhand, and our cutting-edge products have always aided our customers in realising their dream homes. Because we understand you and your needs, Vidhicon is a platform that will assist you at every stage of your journey. Vidhicon has a product that will satisfy any need.

You can always count on ASSURED QUALITY, ON-TIME DELIVERY, and EXPERT ASSISTANCE Best Manufacturing Facility in Jharkhand.

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